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Education Bursary

Uganda visit 2013

Visitors from Uganda, (Left to Right) Hazel Connor, Horace Muhabuzi and Beth Muhabuzi, were club guests at a lunch at a local restaurant.

Hazel retired from teaching in England and went to Uganda in 1997 with the Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) and there set up a fund to help in the education of children of very poor families.

SI Tamworth are very supportive of this, establishing an Educational Bursary to provide for the education of two sisters from a very poor family. Hazel has kept club fully informed of their progress with letters, photos and letters from the two girls. One sister who always dreamt of becoming a policewoman has a realised her dream, recently joining the Uganda Police Force and her sister now runs her own hairdressing business and works part time in her aunt’s pharmacy.

SI Tamworth are delighted and proud of the girls success and of the Bursary which is an on-going project and definitely fulfils the aims of Soroptimism.

Horace, who comes from the same tribe as the sisters, talked about how he was born into a very poor family. His father died when he was 9 years old and he then lived with his grandmother and sister. He told how his grandmother’s dress was used as blanket and food was very scarce. They had to rely on other families to share food. He met Hazel in 1998 who paid for his educational fees and then through sponsorship paid for his University Tuition.

Club members were very moved by the account and very interested to hear about the importance and appreciation of the support that comes from individuals and organisations like their own club.

Fundraising 2013

SI member Millie made and sold very many of her gorgeous bags to raise money for the bursary fund.

L-R Millie Horton,Sue Powell and Joan Twomlow  at the Millie bag stall. All three are members of our Uganda Bursary committee.

A clothes stall was also held.