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Soroptimist Day of Action 2022

These days is it quite difficult to avoid plastic – especially single use plastic.
Much of our produce comes already wrapped in it, and alternatives are not
available in many shops.

Here we have listed some of the ideas our club members are using to reduce
the amount of plastic in our lives


One general principle is to have a reusable alternative with you. This may be a
water bottle, coffee cup, shopping bag, or cutlery if you are going out.

Fruit and vegetable markets usually use much less packaging.

Farmer’s markets also sell local produce, often with less plastic packaging.

Some areas have doorstep milk deliveries in glass bottles (especially since the
pandemic), and vegetable box schemes which use little plastic.

If you are lucky enough to have a refill shop or station nearby, you can take
your own containers to fill.

There are shampoo bars instead of bottles, toothbrushes made of bamboo and
coconut scourers to use in place of plastic sponges.

If you are menstruating, there are some sustainable choices which have less
plastic than traditional sanitary towels. These include reusable pads, and
menstrual cups.

Reusable nappies are preferable to disposable ones.

With regard to clothing, it is worth trying to reduce the items you buy
containing synthetic fibres. Buying second-hand is also an option.

These are a couple of links with more about plastic reduction.

To find your nearest Zero Waste shop, use this link.