Georgia Waring
Mike Walton
Maureen Howarth
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The newly formed AKS Young Soroptimists’ Club was chartered in January 2018 in a celebration held in the School Pavilion.  Fylde Soroptimist members were proud to host the event and then Regional President, Maureen Howarth, and Regional Membership Officer, Karen Rainford, attended to present the Charter and the members’ badges and certificates.  A unique event was the presentation of a membership certificate to head boy, Sam Southern.  It is hoped that the boys at the School will support the girls’ Club as ambassadors for the White Ribbon Campaign to end violence against women.

During the celebration, guests were invited to participate in a candle lighting ceremony for Peace and Friendship Worldwide.  The guests also enjoyed wonderful refreshments provided by AKS Hospitality.

Fylde Soroptimists have been fully supported by the School in the formation of this new club and thanks were given to Head, Mike Walton, and Deputy Head, Paul Crouch, for all their encouragement in this venture.

The Young Soroptimists have been doing amazing work in helping with the Fylde Club’s projects, especially the “80 for 80” toilet twinning campaign last year.  The School twinned all the toilets –  and the first President of the Young Soroptimists’ Club, Georgia Waring, gave a brief overview of their work to date.  The Club are also helping with a project for the Philippine Community Fund by collecting ringpulls to enable women to earn an income making jewellery and bags enabling their children to access education.

The Fylde Soroptimists will support the new AKS Club in all their future projects and are looking forward to working together for many years.