What does membership entail and what will it do for me?

We welcome members from all walks of life and with varied careers and backgrounds who support the Soroptimist objectives and want to help make a difference.  Perhaps you want to “give something back” or work with others on a project you feel strongly about or simply to have fun and meet new people.

Members participate in the club and its programme action activities in a variety of ways:

  • they can suggest projects or causes for consideration;
  • become involved in projects they feel passionate about. or have a specialist knowledge of;
  • they can hold office at club, Regional or Federation level ( for example a SI The Wrekin member was regional President in 2011/12); and
  • they can organize or support club events. 


Membership also offers an opportunity to network with other Soroptimists both in the UK and globally. Club members have the opportunity to attend Regional, UK and International conferences.

The Club subscription is set annually. It includes Regional and Federation dues and club running costs and may be paid in instalments.Organised club events are set to a budget.