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Local Soroptimist group is helping with vital fund raising for Combe Pafford link school

The Soroptimist’s were inspired to donate funds after being invited to attend the Cultural Feast Assembly recently.

Over the past year, three of the Combe Pafford School teachers had set up a Connecting Classrooms link with the Eva Adelaja Junior Girls School in Nigeria.    Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme which equips pupils with a deeper understanding of other countries and cultures, their rights and responsibilities as global citizens, the skills needed to work in a global economy and build a fairer, more sustainable world.

The teachers have recently returned from a visit to Nigeria and recounted tales of the trip to pupils, parents and Soroptimist’s at the Cultural Feast Assembly. The audience was invited to taste the African food and view the Year 7 & 8 pupil’s classroom displays and work that had been done.  On returning to the school hall a SKYPE session had been set up and Combe Pafford was in contact with the Eva Adelaja School.

President Mrs May Hulme told the assembly of the Soroptimist programme goals and objectives to educate, enable and empower the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world.  She thanked the school for the very entertaining music, songs and SKYPE session, and said members were thrilled to help with the fund raising to provide white boards and pens for the girl’s school in Nigeria.

Soroptimist President Mrs May Hulme   Teachers Mr Ben Dowell and Miss Holly Bishop   Pupil Cameron Harris

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