2018 Torquay Community Larder

Friends from Brixham Soroptimists joined us at Rosegarth to listen to Clive Addison. We had invited him to improve our understanding of the Torquay Community Larder. We have supported the charity wholeheartedly but welcomed the chance of some more background detail.

Clive was there for the six months it took to plan and prepare for the launch of the Torquay Community Larder. It was introduced to the public on 12th September 2016. It is based at the Salvation Army Citadel at 27 Market Street, Torquay. TQ1 3AF and is open on Mondays and Fridays from 10am -2pm. Emergency food provisions are offered to support the most vulnerable individuals and families in Torquay. Master Chef Clive, cooks marvellous three course meals and food parcels are on offer to take away.

Sixty fully trained volunteers from eight churches and the community are involved in helping to resolve the root causes of food poverty. Information is given to help their guests to find more support in whatever way they need it. The hope is that these individuals will finally develop self reliance and pride again. As Clive said, ‘This is a hand up not a hand out.’ It is heartening to know that not one volunteer takes any money from this organisation. Donations come from churches, schools and individuals all over Torquay. There is hope that they may receive two grants soon and then they will buy a couple of laptops. One for office work and one for guests to use for information to help them on their way.

Torquay members were able to help and advise when the Paignton Community Larder was set up. New friendships were made and they all support each other. This is what Community is all about.

Our Soroptimist community on Tuesday was impressed with Clive’s talk and the question and answer session. We were also impressed with our cream tea! The raffle went well. We had donated all Fairtrade prizes as it was the middle of Fairtrade Fortnight and we wanted to show our support.This special time runs until 11th March. The table for donations for the Community Larder wobbled under the weight. We thank our visitors for their company and support and we’re pleased to say we raised £150. The money will be spent on Clive’s Wish List for the Larder.

Linda Churchward