2018 Age UK

Helen Harman came to give us a talk on Age UK. In all honesty it’s not the most joyful subject, especially when it is rather relevant!  But our marvellous weather puts a positive shine on everything and we were in good spirits.

Helen was cheerful and kept our interest the whole time. It was a pleasant surprise to hear how much they do for older people in the community. They manage to help more than 7 million people every year, mainly with advice, support, companionship, health, care and wellbeing.

They also run campaigns and conduct research. They are involved internationally in poorer countries.

It is important to realise that Age UK is there to help, they want to help but you must pluck up courage to make contact if you need help. They will be able to make sense of information for you and and also explain your rights. We were shocked to hear that there is a sum of 219 million pounds in unclaimed benefits! Is this due to lack of knowledge or too much pride perhaps? Just to add, Age UK is a charity that supports the over 50’s.

The Age UK Advice Line is 0800 055 6112

Age UK Torbay, Main Office: 12 Denby Road,Paignton TQ4 5DB Tel: 01803 555181

Email: reception@ageuktorbay.org.uk

ALSO – 216 Torquay Road, Manor Corner, Preston, Paignton Tel: 01803 226 766

Email: same as above.

Linda Churchward