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SI Warrington members have been very active in helping mitigate the shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries and dentist practices.  One member, Rhona Kettle, worked as a Transportation Coordinator for the Mid-Cheshire “For the Love of Scrubs” initiative – her garage became Collection HQ for collating and delivering materials to individuals to produce the scrubs.  Around 2000 pairs of scrubs, 500 mask extenders/head bands, 500 laundry bags and 1200 masks were produced!

Rhona Kettle with a car load of supplies ready for delivery

Another member, Julia Blair, has been a one-woman scrubs producer for Warrington hospital and care homes – she sourced the materials, made the patterns and sewed 16 tops and 12 pairs of trousers, together with 45 laundry wash bags.


Freshly-laundered scrubs produced by Julia Blair

Well done Rhona and Julia!