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75 buckets for 75 years

One of our oldest members helping to fill buckets

Over the years, we have supported our local women’s refuge, now renamed Changing Lives, by making donations of a range of items from toiletries and welcome packs to toys, gifts and Christmas cards. Last year, the staff asked if we could provide cleaning products to enable the residents to maintain the cleanliness of their living quarters, and which could be taken with them when they moved on to other accommodation. We provided 20 sets of cleaning products in plastic buckets over the year.

This year we decided to make up 75 buckets containing cleaning products to commemorate the 75th anniversary of SI Widnes’ service to our local community.

We received donations from Morrison’s Supermarket, Widnes and the Blackhorse Community Convenience store, Widnes as well as five other Soroptimist Clubs: SI Liverpool, Warrington, Ashton-under-Lyne, Southport and Bootle.

75 buckets
Buckets, buckets everywhere!

75 orange buckets were purchased to reflect the ‘#orangetheworld’ campaign against violence towards women as well as a range of cleaning products. Members then met at President Eleanor’s house to fill the buckets with the cleaning products and to affix labels bearing the Club’s details.

Once the buckets were ready, 25 buckets were delivered to Changing Lives, the women’s refuge, 25 were delivered to Brennan Lodge, a local homeless shelter, and 5 buckets were donated to each of the five Soroptimist Clubs who supported the project.

Some of the buckets ready for delivery as members strike the ‘#EachforEquals’ pose.