Calendar of Events

Programme 2019-20

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings take place at 7.30pm at the Holiday Inn, Telegraph Way, Morn Hill, Winchester SO21 1HZ

Monday 15 April AGM Supper meeting 

Monday 6 May Bank Holiday no meeting

Monday 20 May Supper meeting Simon Cramp / Judith Charmer on The Winchester Hospice Garden

Monday 3 June Business meeting

Sunday 9 June SISE Region meeting at  Alton House Hotel, Alton GU34 1DW 0930 for 1000 until 1500

Sunday 16 June Picnic for families of The Winchester Refuge at St Swithuns School

Monday 17 June Supper meeting and Speaker Hollie Ryan from the National Trust The Vyne will speak to us about Henry VIII and his connections

Monday 1 July Business meeting

Saturday 13 July Garden Party fundraiser at Brick Kiln Cottage, Herriard. Fundraiser for Meru Women’s Garden Project

Sunday 14 July Programme Action meeting, Alton House Hotel, Alton GU34 1DW 0930 for 1000 until 1500

Monday 5 August Business meeting

Monday 19 August Supper meeting Dwinder Singh will speak on Honour based violence

Monday 2 September Business meeting

Sunday 8 September SISE Region Development Day for Membership at Alton House Hotel, Alton GU34 1DW

Monday 16 September Supper meeting and Julie Blackwell will speak to us about The D-Day Story in Portsmouth, Four years in the planning, and arrange a date to visit

Monday 7 October Business meeting

Monday 21 October Supper meeting Nick Langham will speak to us about Wells water harvesting with reference to women

Thursday 24-Saturday 26 October
SIGBI Federation Conference, Bournemouth

Monday 4 November Business meeting

Saturday 16 November SISE 52nd AGM Alton House Hotel, Alton GU34 1DW 0930 for 1000 until 1500

Monday 18 November Supper meeting and Jackie Porter will speak to us about The Watercress Way

Monday 2 December Business meeting

Monday 16 December Christmas dinner at the Golden Lion, Winchester

Monday 6 January Business meeting

Monday 20 January Supper meeting

Monday 3 February Business meeting

Monday 17 February Supper meeting

Monday 2 March Business meeting

Monday 16 March Supper meeting

Monday 2 April Business meeting

Monday 16 April AGM with Supper meeting