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Women, Water and Leadership

Women, Water and Leadership – The Soroptimist International President’s Appeal 2017-19

Soroptimists are all about Women and Leadership.  But why Water?

Because water is vital – without a regular and clean supply, making things better for people is tough.

The 2017-19 Soroptimist President, Mariet Verhoef-Cohen is committed to enabling women to help their communities.  She knows that if you help women to  be leaders in their community, you can help everyone to improve. 

And she saw that a project in which women are helped to give their community a good water supply would give good results.   So for the two years of her presidency, Mariet championed the Women, Water and Leadership project. 


Soroptimist Cooperation can achieve a lot!

Many Soroptimist International Clubs around the world helped to raise the money needed to run this project in several different countries. 

Some Clubs were very active and raised a lot of money.  Some Clubs focused on other things and sent a small amount of money.

The important thing was that when our contributions were put together,  it added up to a lot.

See the difference we all made collectively – read the report here


A new Soroptimist International two-year project

Now there is a new Soroptimist International President – Sharon Fisher –  and a new two-year project – The Road to Equality.  Find out more about it here