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Riding for the Disabled group (RDA) SAMBER – Woking and Chobham – Urgent appeal!

Why did Woking Soroptimists gave £75 to Riding for the Disabled group (RDA) Samber in October 2020

Disabled children and adults in Woking and Chobham  can usually enjoy the pleasures of riding – thanks to the Riding for the Disabled Group (RDA) SAMBER.  Volunteers help them  to go riding every week at Higher Park Farm in Chobham.

Alas, Covid-19 has stopped them from riding for the moment.  We know that disabled people have suffered more than others during lockdown.  And now, even though open-air activity is possible, they still can’t go riding. This is because they need close-up support in order to be safe.  So everything’s on hold.

RDA SAMBER Secretary Louise Bettinson is hoping to restart the riding as soon as the pandemic allows.  But now there an extra threat is hanging over RDA SAMBER.  Their base in Chobham is in trouble.

Louise says:   “Gayle at Higher Park Farm (LGB Equestrian) in Chobham, where we are based is in serious financial trouble.  She had awful luck during the summer because several ponies had colic.  So she had huge vets’ bills but was not eligible for rent relief or Government help.  Now her savings are all gone.   We desperately want to help keep the riding school afloat and the wonderful ponies alive,   Louise as been so wonderfully generous to RDA SAMBER over the years and we need her to be there for us”.

SAMBER is appealing to your generosity.    Any money will go directly to Gayle and help her to save  the SAMBER base.  Then our disabled children and adults can go back to the riding that helps them so much!  If you can help, click here and give whatever you can.