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January 2022 – Climate Change – CRY – Woking Park – Gender

Happy New Year

We have said goodbye to our year of looking back at our Bright Past.

2022 is the first year of our Brilliant Future!

Gender Debate

Woking Debates recently organised an excellent session on  Gender.  Watch it on the Woking Debates YouTube channel.

A Winter Journey through Woking Park

We took a walk through Woking Park and discovered much about Woking’s past and present:

The innovative fuel cell that powers the Pool in the Park.

The bandstand used to be in central Woking where the new towers are now

The rose is a symbol of the Woking Town Twinning experience

The statue commemorates the Ockenden Venture.  This global refugee charity started in Woking. It was supported for many years by Woking Soroptimists.

“Sit a while and dream a bit” –  Woking Park has many benches where you can do just that.  The invitation is on the park bench dedicated to Sylvia Roach.  You could sit there or choose another bench with a special dedication.  There are several in memory of individuals.  And Woking Soroptimists have a bench to commemorate their 30th anniversary.  It’s close to the entrance, close to the trees and you can watch the children playing.


Did you know that every week in the UK at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people die of undiagnosed heart conditions?

That is what Carl Johnson, our first speaker of 2022, told us.  He represents CRY, the charity that raises awareness about cardiac risk in the young.   CRY offers information, information and support.  It also promotes research into heart conditions in the young. Find out more here

Climate Change

Some teenagers in Portugal are serious about combatting climate change:  this BBC article explains.