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April 2022 – New Woking – New Soroptimist year – Debates – Witches – Soroptimist International – Action4Women – Horsell Scrubbers

New Woking – New Soroptimist Year

The new Woking is emerging with the opening of Victoria Place.  The atrium with its shops and bowling alley is an exciting addition to the shopping centre.

New beginnings are definitely in the air, with the new town development, the start of Spring and a new Soroptimist year on the horizon.

Horsell Scrubbers

If you want to meet an inspiring bunch of people, get in touch with Woking’s Horsell Scrubbers !  Leader Claire Ingham – just elevated to ‘Eminent Citizen of Woking for her work – started the group during the Covid-19 pandemic when NHS staff needed scrubs and kit.  Now that there is less need for those items, Horsell Scrubbers has turned to community sewing and help with sewing and repairs.  Check out their great programme of workshops.


A timely topic and session!

A virtual event with Stephenie Foster, Author of Take Action: Fighting for Women & Girls, an  activism & advocacy guide, offering actions to shift social norms & change policies & practices.

Register for this meeting on 28 April 2022 at 13.00: #TakeActionFight4Women

Soroptimist International

Looking back over the Soroptimist year just ending at global level:

“Soroptimist International wrote, endorsed, or orally delivered 50 statements on critical themes affecting the development of the rights of women and girls. These statements amplified SI’s position and encouraged partnership with United Nations Commissions, Member States, and like-minded civil society organisations, as we continue to stand against backsliding in the advancement of women’s rights. ”


Soroptimist International has published a statement about the fighting in Ukraine and the effects on women and girls especially:

“Soroptimist International, Associated Country Women of the World, International Federation of Business and Professional Women, Graduate Women International,  International Alliance of Women, Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO), Zonta International and NGO Committee on Aging-Vienna stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who have found themselves in an unwanted conflict…

….Women and girls caught up in this humanitarian crisis will miss out on valuable education. They are at increased risks of early or child marriage, trafficking, sexual exploitation and gender-based violence. Women and girls will now be unable to access vital medical services, including sexual and reproductive health treatment and support….

Read the full statement here.

Not witches – just women

In times past, many women suffered because people thought they were witches.  Even today, women can be called witches, as a form of insult.  The BBC Radio 4 programme ‘The Witches Pardon’ takes a new look at the past.  Catch up here.

Woking Debates

There have been some fascinating debates in the last year.  You can watch them now here.   Upcoming topics in the present series are the welfare state (‘Do we have an effective welfare state?’ debate ) and migrants (‘The Bundle’, a play by Journeyman Theatre).  More info here.