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August 2021 –


The cover photo shows a familiar, and usually uplifting, sight in high summer: a field of wheat after harvest.  But this year, the picture reminds us that many people in the world may not get the cereals they need.  And we think of Ukraine which needs to sell its wheat to help its suffering people.

Looking forward

In August, Soroptimists can take time to look at what is coming up in the autumn:

24 September-2 October 2022, Woking’s Great Big Green Week

This year, WeAct is encouraging Woking people and businesses to take the jump and shift to more climate-protective ways.  WeAct suggest:

  • Ending clutter by keeping products for at least seven years
  • Travelling fresh – if possible, without personal vehicles
  • Eating green – by moving to a plant-based diet
  • Dressing Retro – by buying only three new items of clothing per year
  • Holidaying locally – by taking one flight every three years
  • Changing the system – by making at least one life shift to nudge the system

Find out more about what’s on during the week at WeAct‘s new premises in Mercia walk.

Pig-racing event

SI Woking is holding a (furry, pink) pig-racing event in mid-October 2022.  Always great fun, the event will raise money for YourSanctuary.

New Beginnings

You will be able to see works of art by women from the Women’s Support Centre in Woking from 26 October to 27 November 2022.  The Women’s Support Centre works with women who are affected by the Criminal Justice System.  This theme of this year’s exhibition is ‘Masks’.  Entry is free.