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March 2023 – World Water Day – Protecting Girls – International Women’s Day – Spring Newsletter – Your Sanctuary

Your Sanctuary

SI Woking is a regular supporter of Your Sanctuary. We are proud to say that Soroptimist Barbara R, one of our 2022-3 co-Presidents, raised money for Your Sanctuary with a cake sale on 25 March 2023.

World Water Day

World Water Day falls in March every year.  A day to think about looking after this precious resource.  Especially as we hear regular news of unusual drought in other countries – and in parts of the UK.

Let’s all help to ensure we have enough clean water for our needs.  No wet wipes or tampons in the loo and no fat down the sink will cut the fatbergs, for example.

But should we be putting toilet paper in the loo?

Time magazine recently posted an article about PFAS (‘forever chemicals’) in loo paper.  Read more here

International Women’s Day

A day to celebrate the achievements of women past and present.  And also to remember the achievements to protect women from harm.

An inspiring woman from the past

Bess of Hardwick Hall

ES adorns the top of Hardwick Hall – signalling the power and drive of the woman who built it: Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury.

Inspiring woman living now

Which living woman do you choose to celebrate International Woman’s Day?

New law to protect girls

An addition to the measures protecting women and girl came into force on 28 February 2023. T he Marriage and Civil Partnership Act 2022 now applies in England and Wales in the United Kingdom. So young girls of 16 and 17 can no longer marry or be married.  More here.

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