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July 2023 – Help for Young Women – Domestic Abuse – Orange the World – Memories

Help for young women

The June News photo show the cover of a book by John Little.  The book tells an inspiring story: how pioneering Dr Hamlin set up the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia.  Her aim was to help girls and young women seriously harmed by Femaile Genital Mutilation (FGM)

We have been knitting squares for the Hamlin Fistula Hospital for some time.  Members came together in July – Soroptimists devote special time in July to service – to sew the knitted squares into blankets.  We are well on the way to completing 9 blankets!

Each young woman who comes to the hospital gets a blanket and takes it home with her – very handy for cold Ethiopian nights!  We knit on!!

Memories for the Future

At the June and July 2023 Social Meetings, the two invited speakers spoke about memories and the future but in different ways.

In June, Rachel Lewis, a life story writer, told members how to create a book  of the memorable events in our lives for future generations.  Find out more on her website.

And in July, Natalie Stephens (with President Barbara R in our photo) gave us a fascinating account of Optichrome. The printing company was created by Natalie’s grandfather . The family firm is now 60 years old. Third-generation CEO Natalie has the task of handing it down when the time comes.

She has already made big changes – especially by introducing a range of eco paper straws.  They can be printed with the customer’s choice of word and pictures – and are entirely biodegradable! Optichrome is really looking to the future!

Special Domestic Abuse Court Report

Specialist Domestic Abuse Courts Report

After the Specialist Domestic Abuse Courts Report was published by Soroptimist International,   Bournemouth University held a one-day conference about it. The Violence Against Women and Girls: Social Justice in Action conference was hosted by Soroptimist International and Bournemouth University on 29th June.  The purpose of the conference: seeking social justice to tackle violence against women and girls.

Dr Liz Dominey of Soroptimist International Bournemouth said “This latest study supports previous reports which have found that women are not being supported and the special protection that these courts are supposed to provide is not always there”.

Read more about the discussion on improving these specialist courts in the account published by Bournemouth University here.

Orange the World

Look for a cafe near you where an Orange the World Group meets!

In July, the Woking Orange the World Group will be at Bourney Valley Cafe on 25 July 2023.