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September 2023 – Orange the World – New Soroptimist logo – fundraising event – shining light

Orange the World

25 September 2023 – Soroptimists were at Squires Café and Garden Centre in Woking to draw attention to the violence suffered by women and girls. Thank you, Squires, for the welcome and support you gave us!


On the 25fh of the month we are raising awareness about the need to reduce violence against women and girls – so much in the local and national news at the moment.

Look for the women dressed in orange – and join them for a chat!

New Soroptimist International logo

The cover picture for our September news show the new Soroptimist International logo.  Adopted at the recent global Soroptimist International conference in Dublin, it brings us right up to date!

Fundraising event

Advance notice: Woking Soroptimists are organising an event to raise funds for Appeer.  This Surrey-based organisation meets an important need.  It helps autistic girls and women in the county.  Contact us here for tickets and all details.

A shining light in Woking and beyond

Anna Wright, manager of the Lighthouse centre in Barnsbury, Woking, came to our Social Meeting in September.  She told us about the great things the Lighthouse does, nor only in the town centre and Barnsbury.  The Lighthouse now has a centre in Aldershot and hopes to open a centre in Guildford.

The Lighthouse has a Style Studio and a Hygiene Bank, just to name a couple of their great projects.  All aimed at creating a sense of community for all.  Truly a shining light!

If you want to find out more, go to the Lighthouse website or visit the centre in Woking and discover the Cosy Café.