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Keynote Speaker: Penny Mallory

Louise Parry, Northwich and District

World Class Thinking. World Class Behaviour

The presentation started with a short, explosive video of driving a car, and the vibrancy continued.

Penny said she had always wanted to be a rally driver, and against all odds achieved this, becoming the first women to compete in a rally car, winning championships, even competing against her boyfriend and beating him.

She went on to present a car programme on tv, and the World Rally Championship.

She ran a marathon, didn’t enjoy it, said no more, then ran three marathons in three days, took on Europe’s highest Mountain, hated it, said no more, then climbed Kilimanjaro!

She was introduced to a Performance Coach – they talked, and he helped her take her foot off the metaphorical brake and improve, which inspired her to follow his path.

She asked us is being world class just for special people or for everybody?

She rated most people’s performance in life at 66 percent, so what makes the difference to 100 percent?

Her answer – mental toughness.

The mentally tough see a challenge as an opportunity, they are confident, in control of destiny and have a commitment to see things through.

She described her background including an alcoholic mother with manic depression leading to her growing up angry and resentful. She behaved badly, ending up in hostels in London and eventually hitting rock bottom.

She changed her life by focussing on driving, with a compulsion to succeed to gain her father’s attention.

For her ‘What/How/Why’ is important, people who know their why are committed and get things done.

For Penny world class is for everybody, but not many are focussed enough to take the risks, be the best and unlock pure, true potential.

An inspiring presentation.