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Programme Session: SIGBI Projects – one ends and another begins

Presentations were given on both the Meru Women’s Garden Project, which ran from 2016-2019 and the Empowering Girls in Nepal Project, which will run from 2019-2022.

Meru Women’s Garden Project

Over the three-years Soroptimists supported the Meru Women’s Garden Project, in partnership with to train women in Meru to become economically independent and be able to support their families, to educate girls on alternatives to FGM and empower them to say “no” to having the procedure, and more recently to provide ante-natal training for young mothers-to-be.

An amazing £161,741 has been raised by Soroptimists over the past three years, which has eclipsed the target of £150,000 and enabled to achieve so much more than was originally anticipated. Amanjit Dhillon thanked everyone for their support.

The project has left a lasting legacy in Meru, Kenya, as the sustainable nature of the training will now enable the women of Meru to train future generations on the techniques they have learned.

Empowering Girls in Nepal

We are delighted to launch the new SIGBI Project, Empowering Girls in Nepal, in partnership with ChoraChori.

ChoraChori rescue girls in Nepal who have been abducted, trafficked or raped, and rehabilitate them, offering them training to enable them to earn a living. Girls in Nepal are particularly vulnerable because it is easy to take them over the border to India, where they can become untraceable.

A target of raising £105,000 has been set for the three years of the project. You can read all the details, including how to donate, at here.