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Closing Ceremony – Change of Insignia

Sandy Taylor, SI Crosby

Great anticipation for the start of our closing ceremony

Outgoing President Sue Williams took to the stage. President Sue talked of her year and how she was welcomed and supported by members far and wide, Sue was so thrilled to be greeted at conference by a sea of green on Saturday morning. This was a showcase of Sue’s passion for raising awareness of mental health issues and the need for us to recognise those who may be suffering from mental health issues.

President Sue, I think you can say we did “Think on it“.

We then saw the outgoing Regional Presidents take to the stage for their last duties as Regional Presidents.

We met the Federation Management Board for 2019-2020.

Then onto the stage came the incoming Regional Presidents adorned with their chains of office and themes for their year.

Incoming Federation President Isobel Smith came to the podium to set out her theme for the year “We Stand Up for WOMEN”.

Isobel describes a bowl of spaghetti! No she’s not going mad, it’s the SDG’s (sustainable development goals) these are colourful strands of spaghetti. “Strands are our work. WE are the sauce and this is a way to explain the work that we do!”

“You are only as good as your relationships“ and 6 degrees of separation, President Isobel is only 5 steps away from the Queen!

So from The Queen onto the dancing queens and the fabulous ABBA tribute group. The group had the audience on their feet and what an ending to a fabulous, memorable conference.

Here’s to Belfast 2020, can’t wait!