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Friendship Links


SI Bridgend has five Friendship Links.
Williamsburg in Virginia, USA, Courtenay in British Columbia, Canada and Uusikaupunki in Finland were set up well over 40 years ago. Since 2000, we have also forged links with Karachi in Pakistan and Moreton North Inc. in Queensland, Australia.
Members have visited Williamsburg and Uusikaupunki and a member of SI Courtenay has spent some time in Wales with members of the club. We are now in regular contact by email and this has rejuvenated the special links we have had throughout the years. Past President Carys has visited SI Moreton North Inc officially confirming our Friendship Link.

 SI Uusikaupunki, Finland

members of SI Uusikaupunki
Our Finnish friends – Members of SI Uusikaupunki

SI Courtenay, British Columbia

members of SI Courtenay
Our Canadian friends – members of SI Courtenay

SI Moreton North Inc, Queensland

SI Karachi, Pakistan

Members of SI Karachi
Our friends in Pakistan – members of SI Karachi

SI Williamsburg, USA