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President’s message

President Elect Lesley, President      Gaynor & Vice President Ruth

I am delighted to be continuing as Club President and representing SI Bridgendfor a second year. Let’s hope that we are able to meet face-to-face throughout the year and to resume many of the activities we have been unable to do during my first year as President. I look forward to wearing this chain of office at meetings and other functions.

Although our activities may have been curtailed over the last 12 months, we have still achieved a great deal – I hope you will read our Programme Action report for 2020 – 2021. We are looking forward to building our relationships with Llamau, Pipal Tree and Young Carers over the coming months – so much easier when we can meet in person!

My theme for the coming year is Empowering Girls and Women. In particular we will be campaigning on domestic abuse and supporting Llamau and Barnardos locally. We will also be working with Pipal Tree in Nepal to improve the education and skills of the most vulnerable women and girls. We will be talking to Philip Holmes to find out how we can provide practical support for the school project that he is embarking on in South East Nepal.

As well as the campaigning, lobby and fundraising for the various projects we are involved in, I hope we will also have a lot of fun too. There are a number of social events and gatherings planned already and we are also looking forward to a celebration early in 2023 for our 75th anniversary as a club in Brodgend. Exciting times!

President Gaynor

I became a Soroptimist in April 2019 and still feel “new” – I am sure there will still be occasions when I “will put my foot in it”. However, I know that there are SO many of you ladies who will guide and help me (and forgive my lack of knowledge/forethought).

I look forward to friendship, fun and achievement of our shared goals and aspirations.

Thank you,
Gaynor Hoare
President 2021-2023