President’s message

President 2018 – 2019                            Helen Murdoch

I am honoured and delighted to accept this chain of office as President of SI Bridgend for the coming year. We have had an exciting year for our 70th anniversary and I would like to thank Frances, Lily and Eurwen for steering us through our birthday so well. And now in our 71st year, we start on another new decade, new challenges and new adventures.

President Helen                                      with Immediate Past President Eurwen

My introduction to Soroptimist International was through the Bridgend Club when I came as a speaker in 1989. I then joined Chepstow Club and returned to Bridgend in 1994.

I really enjoy being a Soroptimist – right from the start, I was fascinated and excited by the fact that this organisation of “ordinary” women had a voice at the United Nations. How powerful is that. Of course, in order to retain that voice, we must continue to undertake projects that are meaningful and have impact.

Through being a Soroptimist, I have also met many powerful and influential women and made many friends from all over the world. Our Friendship Links are a small part of that amazing network of power, influence and friends. And I’d like to work more closely with our Friendship Links – let’s see how we can do that.

And so in this year as Club President, I would like us to look at the impact we make as a group of quite “extra-ordinary” women. To get excited about what we already do, and to explore what else we could be doing.

My theme is Taking Action Together – as members of this Club, as part of the Region, Federation and globally as part of SI. I’d like us to reinvigorate our existing partnerships and explore new collaborations to further our projects.

I want us to have fun too. We have the Federation Conference in Liverpool in October; there is an International Convention in July in Kuala Lumpur, and 2019 is the 80th anniversary of the Region of Wales South – lots of partying coming up.

Please do have a look at our programme for the coming year – all the meeting dates are listed, as well as other significant days and dates, but not everything is cut and dried. Let’s see how our discussions evolve and select our future speakers from the project activity we discuss and decide to focus on. I want you to be as excited to come along to the Business and Programme Action meetings as to our speaker meetings.
Let’s debate, discuss and take action – let’s celebrate being a Soroptimist and let’s have fun making a difference.

Thank you,
Helen Murdoch
President 2018 – 2019