President’s message

   Sharon Dixon President 2019-2020

I am honoured and delighted to accept this Chain of Office as President of Soroptimist International Bridgend for the coming year. It is with both joy and anticipation that I look forward to the next 12 months

President Sharon with immediate past president Helen

                     President Sharon                                    with Immediate Past President Helen

My very first introduction to Soroptimist was through Judith Lewis who is a member at the Barry club and I’m sure many of you know her. We were sat in the Vale Health resort enjoying a coffee and she got chatting about Soroptimist. She arranged for Carys Brown to meet with me a few weeks later. I joined in February 2017 at the same time as Sue Bennett, Chris E Phillips and Sandra Shelley.

My theme for the coming year is Mental Health Awareness and Well-being. When I say well-being it’s not just the well-being of others it’s also about self-care and looking after ourselves. Self-care is doing what makes you happy, seeing friends, catching up on the telephone, taking a long walk or a glass of wine on the beach. We need to take care of ourselves so that that we can help others.

I’d also like us to continue to build on our partnerships and friendships in the community and further afield. I know that we are motivated and inspired to be the best we can be.

I had the pleasure of seeing Michelle Obama speak in London in April. The words that I would use to describe her are authentic, genuine and real. I’d like to think that that is how we are as Soroptimists. We are authentic, genuine and real. We offer support for those less fortunate and we encourage women to believe in themselves and their dreams. We talk of education and empowerment. We are the enablers of women and girls. We will help them to achieve their potential.

I may well make mistakes and possibly get things wrong but I know that with your guidance and friendship things will soon be back on track. Listening to Michelle made me want to be a better person, a better mother and a better friend, a better sibling and a better Soroptimist. I can improve even if it’s just a small amount. I, like each and every one of you, am indeed a woman with passion – the passion to make a difference, the passion to raise awareness and the passion to give back to those less fortunate.

One voice can change a room. If it can change a room it can change a community. If it can change a community it can change so much more. Soroptimist let’s make a change and tell everyone what we do and more to the point why we do it

You are all indeed skilled, educated and knowledgeable women with so much wisdom to share. Let us share with a passion. Let’s enjoy each other’s company and friendship and, above all, let’s smile and have some fun along the way.

Let’s not settle for good or even great. LADIES… Let’s be OUTSTANDING!

Thank you,
Sharon Dixon
President 2019-2020