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Tree Planting

On a bright Tuesday in January, a lone Soroptimist started digging 2 holes in the wide border inside the walled garden in Park Hill Park, Croydon. The exact spots had been chosen months ago when the two organic fruit trees to celebrate the centenary of Soroptimist International were chosen – Oullin’s greengage and Herman’s plum. Both are self pollinating, will mature to a medium height (for trees!) and yield delicious fruit in Summer.
The following Friday, two Soroptimists sallied forth with the young trees in hand, raising their voices to greet each other as they stood a long way apart. With careful positioning of the root and a little more digging around the edges of each hole, the trees were held in position, the soil was refilled around them and tamped down. A little watering-in later on and two happy Soroptimists, Susan and Grace, went back home for tea (all our favourite cafés are shut!).
A brass plaque with our club name and the centenary details will be added later in the year, when we can all get together in the garden for a proper celebration.