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Keynote Speaker: Jo Fairley

Blog – Jane Slatter

Jo Fairley is an inspirational role model – a rebel with a cause! She left school at 16 with minimum qualifications and the drive to be an eco-warrior.

Her proudest achievement is as co-founder of Green and Black’s chocolate – proving that doing good can be good for business thus “delivering the difference”. Jo has been a driving force that now sees many of the major chocolate-producing companies sourcing ethically and applying FairTrade standards in order to remain competitive and respond to the new ethical consumer.

Jo told us that she was inspired to “dive in” to business at the start by Anita Roddick (original founder of the Body Shop ethical beauty product company). When asked about the secret of her success Jo said “Luck is what you have left over when you’ve given 100%”! Jo’s amusing view on women achieving equality is that “we will wait for the dinosaurs to die”…