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Keynote Speaker: Sarah Montague

KcCroKkdq8DeQMl2-CPIVc_jAHdUXiCxgDy-MRYC7G4With the authority familiar to Radio 4’s listeners Sarah Montague gave an entertaining outline of her path to first female presenter of the Today programme.

Starting out as a stockbroker Sarah learnt much from her early experiences and when redundancy provided the time to start again in the world of media she stepped in at the bottom and has been making a difference in a very male centric field ever since.

Sarah acknowledged that support has helped increase the number of female interviewees as well as presenters. Audiences haven’t always been supportive of change and Sarah cites the pressure of the organisation “Sound Women” in monitoring the actual equality balance as instrumental. Journalists have also had to pressure for female interviewees.

With three daughters maintaining good life balance is a challenge – something she deals with every day when the alarm goes off at 3.25am!

Sarah had a message on social media which has revolutionised news. The need for users like Soroptimists to help exert a civilising influence in what can be a very punishing environment.

I for one will listen to the Today programme with a very different perspective from now on.