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Keynote Speaker: Andrew Bevan

Update 17 November 2015 – Following his very well received speech, Andrew Bevan has written a letter to Clubs asking them to support the International Justice Mission and highlighting the ways in which they can do this, which include awareness raising, campaigning or fundraising to support IJM’s work in Mumbai and Chennai.



‘We must stand up for what is right’ ‘everyone deserves to be safe’

IJM is a global organisation that protects the poor from violence in the developing world.

There are 4 billion people without protection from their justice systems and as his shocking opening video showed,  most poor people don’t live under the shelter of the law.

During his presentation Andrew challenged us to think differently about injustice. Is it really being cut up at traffic lights, being short changed or your sports team being beaten by wrong decision by referee (a very brave reference to the recent fate of the Scottish rugby team!)

Or is it oppression; war; the effects of climate change; gender based violence… the list goes on.

Andrew explained that the component parts of the renowned Lady of Justice statue…(the blindfold, the balance scales & the sword) portray that evidence should be heard on its own merits and ahead of punishment.

Is justice meted out objectively without fear or favour with due process across the world? Not in many parts of the world. In fact, 2/3 of worlds population are constantly vulnerable and are the victims to acts of everyday violence.

Injustice is a reality of the world in which we live. IJM is proof that we have reason to hope that these situations can change.  Look at history. Light can penetrate the darkness. We can be the empowered to bring the change the world is waiting for.

Finally Andrew shared the stories of 3 miraculous women, 2 of whom portray what everyday violence looks like for the poor of our world and a woman who has championed the work of IJM in India.

As the largest anti slavery organisation in the world Andrew believes that IJM must work collaboratively with public justice systems to see the light of hope pierce the darkness of despair.

Andrew demonstrated how the amazing work of IJM has massively reduced sexual exploitation in Cambodia and changed the enforcement of human trafficking and slavery in India.

Standing up for what is right’ is what being a Soroptimist means to me.

How can we get involved – share this message, read The Locust Effect by Gary Haugen and/or partner with IJM either individually or as a club.

Blog provided by Jen Simpson, SI High Wycombe and District