Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover – turning our waste into energy

Club members Visiting Allerton Waste Recovery ParkClub members Visiting Allerton Waste Recovery Park

Do you ever wonder what happens to the rubbish you put in your black bin? Club members found out today what happens to rubbish in North Yorkshire and York when we visited Allerton Waste Recovery Park – turning our rubbish into energy – enough electricity for 40,000 homes. It’s sifted, sorted and incinerated at over 850 degrees Celsius with minimal impact on the environment.

We found out why black plastic is so bad – It can’t be seen by the infrared sensors that sort out plastic waste for recycling. It is estimated the average household generates 1 tonne of rubbish a year! We saw how much rubbish is collected in just one week (and this was after everything recyclable is removed). Frightening.

The content of the black wheelie bins used to go into landfill. Now more than 90% is processed by the plant – either being used to produce biogas to produce its own electricity, generate for the national grid and byproducts used as aggregate for building. If you live local and want to find out more visit . There is a visitor centre and excellent guides, ours was Emily,  to tell you & show you how it all happens.