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Lend With Care

As part of our charitable work we have, in recent years, supported the Lend With Care scheme.  We have enjoyed supporting various businesses and hearing the stories of their success as result of receiving from us a comparatively small loan.

Lend with care brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries with people with the power to help them . Whether it’s opening a market stall , or opening a small tailoring business or diversifying the crops they grow , people across the developing world are bursting  with business ideas , all they need is a helping hand to get started
So far Haverfordwest Soroptimists have given 11 loans to a mix of individuals and groups and through these loans we have helped 63 entrepreneurs , 283 family members and created 6 jobs .
The entrepreneurs we have lent to are from Rwanda, Vietnam,Pakistan, Malawi and Cambodia and  the money has been used to help them purchase crops , fabric, groceries and household items and produce and materials to set  up a cafe
Each of the 11 entrepreneurs have been given £45 and 6 have  fully repaid their loans with the last five being issued this month.
It’s an incredibly rewarding enterprise to be involved in and we are extremely proud of how we have been able to help individuals and groups  in developing countries in need of a helping hand .

For more information visit the Lend with Care website