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Diary of the Month – December 2021

Phrase of the month:  Soroptimists promote Goodwill and Understanding among nations 2nd       Our monthly business meeting took place in the offices of Nightstop in Worcester Street, Kidderminster.  President Sue had the privilege of presenting one of our members, Christine Holloway, with a certificate celebrating 25

Diary of the Month – November 2021

Diary of the Month – November 2021 Phrase of the Month:  Soroptimists create awareness about domestic violence 1st      Members of our book club met face to face to discuss “A murder in the Arctic” – our latest book.  It was quite a quick read and,

Diary of the Month – October ’21

Phrase of the Month:   We are always promoting action on Women’s Issues. 1st      Today the Centenary Team got together on the first floor at Kidderminster Library to set up our Centenary Exhibition themed “Women”.  We have received 30 plus exhibits, all very differing in

Diary of the month – September 2021

Phrase of the Month:  we are always promoting action on women’s issues 2nd          Our last Zoom business Meeting (fingers crossed) tonight at 7.30.  We are all hoping to be face to face next month when we plan to meet at Nightstop offices in Kidderminster. 

Diary of the Month – August 2021

Diary Of The Month—August 2021 Phrase of the Month- Believe to Achieve- We Stand up for Women. We have no official meetings this month, a welcome break, holiday time. Less pressure but saying that- charity doesn’t stop!  The hard work that continually goes on behind

Diary of the Month July 2021

Diary of the month JULY 2021. Phrase of the month– We are part of an International Organisation with a Global Reach and Impact. 1st— Lighter on numbers this month than usual, with COVID rules being eased, some members have been meeting up with family and

Diary of the month – June 2021

Phrase of the Month- Soroptimists are team players who inspire others. 3rd– Again over zoom- this meeting started off with the induction of our newest member Pauline Carrier.  Pauline Lives in Bewdley, right by the river, and will be a great asset with her life-long

Monthly Diary – May 2021

Phrase of the month. Soroptimists petition for fairer laws for women everywhere. 6th – We held our monthly Business meeting with Regional President Elaine Clarke in attendance.  She gave a presentation to us on how our Region has performed during lockdown. We were notified that