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Programme for 2022-2023


For details of our 2022-2023 club programme please click on the following links

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Speaker meetings 2021-2022

Monday 7th June 2021 7.30pm – Modern Day Slavery

Monday 5th July 2021 7.20pm – Tom Bolderstone, Natural England

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Our programme for 2021 is adapting all the time. The draft programme can be viewed here


Our programme of Speaker Meetings  will continue on Zoom until further notice.  The pandemic prevented the club from meeting speakers face to face for a while but did not prevent us from enjoying a range of speakers. Read on to get a taste:

Rooting for Earth – Erna Gotyar.  We at SI King’s Lynn, have known Erna for some while, especially for her passion and devotion to ecological issues and the protection of the planet. Erna talked to us about where her mission has taken her since 2018. We met her first when she was campaigning for water sources in King’s Lynn where people could fill re-usable drinking water bottles. Through her work there are now 2 water fountains in the town. We also joined her on a litter pick along the river banks…..she has done much to promote  and participate in litter picks and beach clean ups.

To follow her great belief in saving the planet, Erna now runs her own business “Rooting for Earth”, selling  sustainable, ecologically viable, cruelty free & vegan products which do not produce non-degradable waste or use plastics. She delivers free in King’s Lynn by bike or walking.

Erna explained that she is following the UN sustainable development goals of clean water, responsible consumption/production, life below water, climate action, and life on land. This she does within her own “mini scale” in this area, as she so charmingly puts it.

Erna’s research has led her to highlighting areas of concern within these UN goals and to promote charities working in these areas. She talked to us about Eco Femme, which provides cloth pads and menstrual health education to girls in India, tree planting, and fair trade and conditions in the fashion industry. She tries to promulgate good ideas where she can, and loves to “Give Back” to the world where she can, buying to support causes etc. Her own chosen charity is the Hillside animal sanctuary in Norfolk.  Erna is an example to us all of what can be done when driven by conviction and passion for her cause – and we salute her. To find out more about Rooting for Earth click here


Adrienne Greene, a Trainer & Practitioner at The Balance Procedure (TBP)  held a very interesting and thought-provoking session, touching on just how powerful our thoughts and feelings can be, demonstrating belief patterns and how they affect us, the Top 10 things people love and how they should put themselves first on that list.  We heard about the importance of self-love; that is is not at all selfish, as many of us may have been brought up to believe. The talk touched on the key aspect, that our thoughts and feelings can and will affect and create our reality, from getting a car parking space on a busy day to our emotions and health.



Jane Rose-Land,  a Nutritionist with a degree in Nutritional Medicine Jane helps people to better health by supporting them to make changes to their diet and lifestyle.  Jane has a private clinic locally where she sees a wealth of different health conditions,  specialising in nutritional support for digestive and bowel health issues (especially IBS) and food intolerances, diabetes and pre-diabetes, supportive diets for people with cancer and programmes for weight loss and weight gain.

Jane can be contacted via email or phone to talk through how she can help – no obligation.  Email, or phone: 01366 347452 Mob. 07740287458. Website for further information:


We have taken part in an armchair yoga session with Oli Bell, a local personal trainer and yoga teacher

Oli spoke to members about the benefit of yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle before we had an opportunity to have a go ourselves.