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A Day at the Races

Our President, Hilary and her husband Trevor enjoyed a day at the virtual Regional Races on Zoom. There were around 7 clubs represented but only about 25 of us participated in the event.

The organisers had asked that everyone wear a hat as there was a competition for the fanciest hat and the funniest with a horse racing theme.

Using Soroptimist colours Hilary found a blue/yellow(ish) horse on the internet and added more colour and drew a jockey and solved the problem of how to secure it to my head. by stuffing the picture down a lightweight snood – wearing that as a sort of headband. In an outcome that would have surprised Hilary’s Arts and Craft High school teacher she won the silly hat competition!

It was a fun couple of hours with introduction of participants and mascots, footage of 3 live races, a singsong of Blaydon races and a hoss(horse) or gloss(paint) name competition where participates  had to mime our answers(i.e. galloping horse with our hands or doing brush strokes of paint).

Regional President Rosemary hopes to have raised at least £250 for Empowering girls in Nepal.

Here are Trevor and Hilary dressed for the races.  Well done definitely a winner.


Hilary and Trevor at the Virtual                     Regional Races