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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Banners, Flags and Tee Shirts

The following is the write-up Val B kindly did for our local paper.


Every year members hold an event to mark and support International Women’s Day and this year the club was fortunate to have the assistance of Steve Pendrill, the renowned local professional photographer. Steve was the speaker at the regular monthly meeting, relating fascinating anecdotes of exciting adventures, opportunities and mishaps during his 25 years as a press photographer.

After his talk Steve very kindly took a group photo of members holding their flags and banners reflecting both the international women’s organisations and schools actively supported by SI Lancaster and the life and work of Ruth Ginsberg, the American feminist lawyer who was the first Jewish woman Justice ever to be appointed to the US Supreme Court and who was a lifelong promoter of worldwide gender equality.

SI Lancaster regularly supports and raises funds for educating girls in Nepal, the elimination of violence against women, gender equality and many other projects in the UK and throughout the world.

The photo event will be followed by an afternoon tea at Coulsons to reflect on women throughout the world

There is the link to the article and photo online.


Members of the club showing their support for International Women's Day
Showing support for IWD