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Please see below all the FAQs about the Llandudno Virtual 2021 Conference. These are also available as a PDF:



When will the virtual conference take place?

Friday 29 & Saturday 30 October 2021. (all times below are British Summer Time (BST).

 The Conference will start promptly at 13.30 on both days but you can log in any time after 13.15.

 Friday 29 October: Start 13.30 Finish 17.15.  General Meeting Start 17.20. Finish to be confirmed.

 Saturday 30 October: Start 13.30 Finish 18.00.

How do I register and what is the cost for registration?

Details of on how to register and costs are available on the SIGBI Llandudno 2021 Conference website under Virtual Registration.

Direct link to the online Registration Form :

Will there be any Workshops?

There will be a choice of two workshops preceding the main conference on each day and you can select one when registering for conference. The cost per workshop is £5.00.

Full details of the Workshops and Facilitators can be found on the Website.

Workshop Timings: Login from 11.45 Start at 12.00 finish 13.15.

Please note that numbers are limited and so we suggest that two members from one club do not attend the same workshop.

The Workshop on ‘How to Twin your Town or City’ is specifically for members who are seeking to twin their town or city – it is not a general session on Toilet Twinning.

The Workshop on Women in Parliament gives a general overview, but is primarily intended for delegates in England & Wales.  For more specific information related to the Northern Ireland Assembly or the Scottish Parliament please use the links below.

Outreach – beyond Parliament Buildings | Northern Ireland Assembly Education Service (

Please also note that after the workshop closes you will need to log in again for the main conference.

I am a Soroptimist but not from SIGBI Federation, how do I register for the SIGBI conference?

Anyone who is a Soroptimist but belonging to another Federation (i.e. not SIGBI) will need to complete the Non-Soroptimist Registration Form.    Details can be found on the SIGBI Llandudno 2021 Conference website under Virtual Registration.

Direct link to the Registration Form for non SIGBI Members as follows:

Can Non-Soroptimists Register?

YES, we would be delighted to welcome guests.

Details on how to register and costs are available on the SIGBI Llandudno 2021 Conference website under Virtual Registration.

Direct link to the Registration Form for non SIGBI Members :

Will there be a comfort break during the conference?

There will be a 15minute break during each afternoon. Please see the Conference Website for full details of the Programme.

Which web browser should I use?

The preferred web browser(s) to gain access to the event are Google Chrome or Safari, but Microsoft Edge can also be used.

When will I receive the links for the Virtual Conference?

SIGBI HQ will send you the links to the Virtual Conference by email week commencing Monday 25 October 2021.

Please note that you will receive separate links for:

  • Workshops
  • Conference

How do I login to the Conference? What is my ID login?

Your registration ID login: This is the email address which you used to register for the event.

Do I need to test the login prior to the start of the event?

Yes – it is very important that you test the login. Once you have received the link you will be able to login.  Please ensure you test the login a couple of days before the event with the email address you used to register.

What if the login doesn’t work?

You will need to contact Joanne Voller at SIGBI HQ before Friday 29 October on 0161 480 7686 or email:

What if I have any other problems using the virtual platform?

If you scroll down to the bottom of the front page and click on the Question Mark you will be directed to the SPARQ Help Centre.  Here you can also find a lot of helpful information.

Accessibility Problems  – Please click on the link for more detailed information for those with visual, hearing or mobility difficulties.

 What is the programme for each day?

The Conference Programme is available via the SIGBI Llandudno 2021 Conference website

Will the SIGBI General Meeting be part of the programme?

SIGBI GM will take place on Friday after the main conference has ended.  Start time 17.20.  Any SIGBI member can attend the General Meeting, which is free of charge.  Anyone who wishes to attend the General Meeting and not the Conference can do so, but they need to ensure they are registered before 22 October 2021.

Will the conference be in ‘real time’?

The whole conference can be viewed in real time.  In addition, access to the conference platform will be available on catch-up from midnight on Monday, 1st November until midnight (UK time) on Monday, 15th November 2021 for registered conference ‘attendees’ only.  The majority of conference content will be available over this extended period.  It is hoped that this will offer all registered members the opportunity to access conference presentations at a time to suit them.

What does the registration cost cover?

The conference is to be a professional level broadcast event that will have the look and feel of a television programme The cost of registration covers all of the Conference sessions (see link) including the General Meeting and Virtual Exhibition. There will also be an opportunity to catch up for a two week period.  The virtual platform allows delegates to view the Twitter Wall and ask Questions from several of the speakers.

What if I cannot attend one session – can I pay for just for the other?

Unfortunately not.  However, the conference platform will be available until midnight (UK time) on Monday, 15th  November 2021 for registered conference ‘attendees’ who can log in when it suits them to watch the conference either live or on ‘catch-up’.

What happens if I want to watch it with others?

It is appreciated that members might wish to get together to watch the conference and that some members might think of paying for one registration for a group.  However, it is hoped that members understand that costs must be met and that everyone should register.

What about FPAC?

The FPAC meeting will be another virtual event held on Thursday 28th October between 13.30 and 17.00.  This event will be free for all members to attend.

You will receive a separate link to log in for the FPAC.

How will the Virtual Exhibition work?

You will be able to access the Exhibitors websites via their logo on the Exhibition Wall.  You can also purchase items that may be for sale on their external websites.  The Exhibition will remain open during the two week catch-up period.

Will there be a Twitter Wall to view at Conference?

Yes, there will be a Twitter/Social Media Wall.

Use the hashtag