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Yarl’s Wood Befrienders News

To understand more about Yarl’s Wood and the immigration detention of women in the UK, please read this short article: It was written by Jo Vincett, a PhD Student, Faculty of Business and Law with The Open University and it sends a strong statement as to why people should care.
 Yarl’s Wood Befrienders were winners of The High Sheriff of Bedfordshire’s Citizenship awards in February.
The lady on the left of the High Sheriff is Jo Vincent a befriender and trustee. Jo became involved with the centre following her being detained in the centre herself. Our Regional Councillor Pauline Panter is also a volunteer The lady holding the shield is Caroline Clarke the Director of Yarl’s Wood Befrienders.
Soroptimists attending the Regional Human Rights Day meeting and celebration last December has the opportunity to hear all about Yarl’s Wood Befrienders from two of the Trustees. Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) in North Bedfordshire is the main long-term detention facility specifically for women in the UK. Yarl’s Wood Befrienders provide emotional and practical support for the people held in Yarl’s Wood IRC, helping them cope with the challenges of detention. For more following that event please see