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April Speaker Meeting

April Speaker Meeting

President Susan welcomed two speakers and two new members to the meeting on April 1st. The speakers were Pat Williams who is the Regional Membership Officer and Naomi Norton who is a music teacher.

Pat spoke about the issues around the recruitment and retention of members and an interesting discussion ensued. She was also very pleased to extend a welcome to our two new members.

The club came to be in touch with Naomi via Sylvia Schwarzenbach, the Swiss Soroptimist we met in January, as she was the organiser of the conference that Sylvia attended at the Royal Northern College of Music. Naomi is a music teacher from Leeds who is undertaking her PhD at the RNCM. Her thesis is titled ‘Health Education in Instrumental and Vocal Music Lessons: The Teacher’s Perspective’ and she gave a fascinating talk on the subject and answered some probing questions. She also told us about the conference organised by the International Society of Music Education she will be attending later this year in Brazil.

Our two new members are:

Barbara Blaber who has recently come to live in Manchester and has previously been President of SI Leicester, Regional President of Midlands East, and belonged to clubs in Leeds and Loughborough


Rebekah Readhead who is President Susan’s daughter, who is new to Soroptimism.

Speakers April 14Welcome RebekahWelcome Barbara