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Rose Bowl Challenge

The Regional Rose Bowl Challenge was based on Regional President Josie’s theme of ‘Facing Challenges, Making Changes, Moving Forward Together’. Josie asked each Club to consider how it did this in its own unique way and to submit an entry that describes what that challenge was, how it was resolved and the impact it had on the community.

Programme Action Officer, Barbara, and Communications Officer, Sue, compiled our entry entitled ‘Programme Action Re-imagined’ and we were delighted that it was the winner.

The club held its customary Programme Action review in January at which it became apparent, as we encouraged our newer members to embrace Programme Action, that a rethink was needed. The first step was to establish two committees – People & Prosperity and Planet. Members were invited to join one or both depending on time and interests.

The People & Prosperity committee reviewed our current 13 projects and decided to continue support eight proactively, to continue to engage with three and to reconsider the remaining two at a future date. Leads and deputies were appointed for each project.

The Planet committee is a fairly new venture. We started to focus on this area when SIGBI made Climate Change a priority for 2020 and Soo gave a talk on ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. Our Green Footprint Challenge is currently the main activity. We have had a Sunflower Challenge and talks on foraging, and have produced a Collections and Recycling Directory.