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River Manchester 16 Days of Activism Event

This event took place on the evening of December 10th at River Manchester’s premises in Openshaw. Set up to mark the end of the 16 Days of Activism, the event celebrated the 120 moves to safety that the Charity had achieved during the past year; it also marked the opening of the new café – Living Waters – which will provide a safe space to meet and chat.

SI Manchester agreed to support this event by providing small gifts to be given out to attendees. The suitcase-shaped boxes contained a Soroptimist Orange the World badge, chocolates (Fair trade of course) and leaflets about the Charity. One member made tablecloths for the cafe and others helped out on the evening.

The focus of the evening was 16 pairs of shoes, each representing the story of someone who had been helped by Charity. Three of these stories were read out. Finally, candles were lit, and the names of 118 women who lost their lives to domestic violence in the last year were read out. Altogether a very moving event.