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Charity Lunch and Race Event

The tote

Members, family, friends and supporters of the club enjoyed a most successful fund raising lunch on Sunday 16th October.  It took the form of a horse race meeting.  Everybody dressed as if going to the races so there were some wonderful outfits and splendid hats.  There were 8 horses running in each of the 6 races which were run using pre-recorded videos of actual races.  There was a Tote so punters could bet on their favourite horse or on a horse which they had sponsored.   Betting was fast and furious and there was great excitement and cheering when the race was being run.  Winners counted their winnings!

Members and guests

The race meeting took place in a very comfortable hotel.  Club members had decorated the dining room in a horse racing theme.  A delicious lunch was served.  There was a continual buzz of conversation of people catching up as this was the first big event the club had been able to hold since before the pandemic.

It was very successful as a fund raising event to support the club’s charities.  Money from the sponsorship of races and horses was raised.   Half the money from the Tote went towards the charities.  There was a hugely successful raffle thanks to the very generous donations made.

Members and guests

We went home having thoroughly enjoyed a day out at the races.

Collecting winnings!
Raffle prizes

Val Jenkins