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A Message from Immediate Past President Rose

I cannot quite believe that my year as your President has gone by and so much in the world has changed. We should be looking forward to Conference and Change of Insignia but whilst I am still looking forward to the new format, of course, I will miss seeing you all and handing over to incoming President Elaine.

History was made in September with our first ever online AGM and as a committee, we were all pleased with how it went and valued your feedback. There are of course lessons to learn and we will try to incorporate those in our next meeting on November 5th.

October 3rd marked the beginning of our Centenary year and several of us were attending a Three Regions Meeting. We paused to celebrate at 12.00 with candle lighting, drinks, and of course no celebration is complete without a cake. It was such a shame I could not share it with everyone but my husband was delighted! I am certain that together we will make this a special year although of course plans may need to remain flexible.

I have also Zoomed in to some of your meetings and remain in awe of your ability to adapt and take our organisation into a new phase.

Thanks to all of you who have made this a memorable year for me and all your messages and invitations.

I would like to wish Elaine every success for the next year.