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Programme Action & Council Meetings

The nine clubs in our region meet together four times a year on designated Saturdays. The meetings take place between 9.00 and 13.00 and are hosted by each club in turn. These meetings consist of two parts: a Regional Council business meeting and a Programme Action meeting.
Each meeting has a separate agenda. The Regional Council meeting agenda includes tabled reports on regional activities from members of the Region’s Executive and discussions on current issues relevant to SIGBI, which may require a vote showing the Region’s preference for action.  The Programme Action agenda includes speakers on issues and from areas related to Programme Action along with discussions on issues relevant to Programme Action locally, nationally and internationally which again may require a vote.
Every member of SI Midland Chase is entitled to attend both of these meetings and each club has a designated voting member who attends and who votes for the club on any issue where a vote is taken.
During the Covid-19 pandemic meetings have and are taking place as virtual meetings using Zoom technology which has led to an increase in the number of Soroptimists attending. Face to face meetings were the norm prior to this with meetings held around the region. Going forward meetings are likely to be a mixture of face-to-face and virtual meetings to cater for everybody’s accessibility requirements with a permanent meeting place identified every year for the face-to-face meetings.


The 2022-2023 Meeting Dates are:

  • 5th March 2022 via Zoom
  • 9th July 2022 at Weston Village Hall, Green Road, Weston, Stafford ST18 0JQ
  • 10th September 2022 AGM at Weston Village Hall, Green Road, Weston, Stafford ST18 0JQ
  • TBC November 2022 via Zoom
  • 18th March 2023 via Zoom
  • 17th June 2023 Location TBA
  • 16th September 2023 Location TBA

You can download the current Speaker Programme here.

Regional Executive Meetings

These are regular meetings, scheduled throughout the year, where the elected officers of SI Midland Chase meet to discuss the business and strategic development of the Region reflecting the aims and objectives of SIGBI.  In 2022-2023 these meetings will be held online starting at 7pm.

The 2022-2023 Executive Meeting Dates are:

2022 Meetings 2023 Meetings
Monday 3rd January 2022 Monday 9th January 2023
Monday 7th February 2022 Monday 13th February 2023
Monday 7th March 2022 Monday 13th March 2023
Monday 4th April 2022 Monday 17th April 2023
Monday 2nd May 2022 Monday 8th May 2023
Monday 6th June 2022 Monday 12th June 2023
Monday 4th July 2022 Monday 10th July 2023
No Meeting in August 2022 Monday 14th August 2023
Monday 5th September 2022 Monday 11th September 2023
Monday 3rd October 2022 Monday 9th October 2023
Monday 14th November 2022 TBC November 2023
Monday 12th December 2022 TBC December 2023


Three Regions Meetings

These are meetings where the Presidents, Presidents Elect, Programme Action Officers and Federations Councillors of the three Midlands regions (SI Midland Arden, SI Midland Chase and SI Midland East) meet to share, learn, advise, support and collaborate with each other to promote effective working practices across the three regions. Prior to the pandemic meetings were held face-to-face. These meetings are currently held virtually.
  • 5th February 2022 – hosted by Midland Chase Region
  • 18th June 2022 – hosted by Midland East Region
  • 24th September 2022 – hosted by Midland Arden Region

UKPAC National Meetings

UKPAC is a sub-committee of the Federation Programme Action Team and deals specifically with UK clubs, their Programme Action work and UK issues. It consists of the Programme Action Officer leads from the 17 regions within the UK. These meetings are held as virtual meetings at the moment.
  • 29th January 2022
  • 26th March 2022
  • 25th June 2022
  • 10th September 2022
  • 27th October 2022
Minutes of UKPAC meetings are shared on the SIGBI website under UKPAC resources.

Regional Conferences

These are conferences organised by the President to showcase her theme for the year with a diverse range of speakers raising awareness of the issues

Club Charter Events

These are yearly social events that celebrate the founding of the individual club and its achievements in the field of Programme Action.
The dates for 2022 to 2023 are:
SI Bilston Sunday 25th September 2022
SI Burton upon Trent & District TBA
SI Cannock & District Friday 4th February 2022
SI Lichfield & District Friday 10th June 2022
SI Stafford Friday 18th March 2022
SI Sutton Coldfield Sunday 20th November 2022
SI Tamworth Sunday 26th June 2022
SI Wolverhampton TBA
SI The Wrekin TBA


Contact us if you would like more information or to participate.