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Life under lockdown – a member’s story

A member tells her story of her experience of lockdown



How life has changed since March, I still feel like I am in the middle of a science fiction movie, the trouble is, I am not sure when it ends.


I normally travel to my daughter’s in Warwick on a Wednesday morning and return home on Friday evening.   I have two grandchildren in Warwick and have been helping them in this way over the last l7 years, since I retired from work, and they made the move to Warwick.   I love being a part of their lives, and have made friends in the area.


Of course, that all stopped with the lockdown. As I am 76, I thought it better to self-isolate, and I decided that I must keep busy and get on with some of the jobs around the house and garden.  I did some painting and wallpapering jobs in the first few weeks, and then when the weather improved started doing more outside in the garden.  I even cleaned the garage out, not something I do too often.


I live on my own, so there are always jobs to be done.   I have quite a large garden, which does require me to get help with some of the heavier jobs.  Age means I do not move as nimbly, quickly, or for as long as I used to,  so of course there are lots of tea or coffee breaks,  and breaks for  opening my emails.


After the first few weeks I suddenly realised this was going to go on for a while.  I do miss my family so much and would love to be in a room with them, or better still have a hug.    I also miss my friends and being able to chat to them face to face and enjoy outings with them.  I have always known that I like and enjoy people, but this lockdown has really brought it home how important they are.


On the plus side you learn a lot about yourself and others.   I have lived close to one neighbour and her husband for over thirty years and always known what a kind and very helpful lady she is.  She came to see me early on in the lock down and insisted that she bring me my evening meal over, every day.   I protested as thought this was too much, but she said that as she was cooking for her and her husband it was not a problem.


I know that this has helped me through this time so much.    It is such a treat and lifts my day, and also makes sure I eat well.   Although I do usually eat quite well, it is easy to cut corners when  alone for such a long period.  It also means that I see someone every day, and this has given my daughter a lot of comfort too.  My neighbours are self-isolating too, so we have taken it in turn to have supermarket deliveries.


I have new neighbours next door, and although we have spoken, I do not really see a lot of them as they work, but they have been great.   I have seen more of them while they are at home, and they have offered to help in any way they can.   When I have struggled to get supermarket deliveries, they have shopped for me (which is of course shared with my other neighbour).


The other huge help at this time has been Nantwich and District Soroptimist Club, of which I am a neighbour.   Phone calls, WhatsApp messages,  zoom meetings,  all of these have been great and makes you feel connected.  I really don’t know what I would have done without my friends and neighbours.  Although I am alone, I do not feel lonely and I think I am very lucky to be able to say that.


Here’s to a huge celebration when we are let out.


Gill Palin