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The Road to Equality – Soroptimists in action across the world

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The Road to Equality is a world wide appeal led by Sharon Fisher, President of Soroptimists International. It has picked up on the United Nations mission to “leave no one left behind” as we continue to fight for gender equality. Today, our club and other members from the Cheshire North Wales and Wirral Region heard an update on progress from Ayushi Kundu, one of the co-ordinators who joined us from India via Zoom. The appeal strategically focuses on topics affecting women and girls across the world, including:

  • Child marriage
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Rights of older women
  • Migration
  • Human Trafficking.

It was encouraging to hear how awareness about these issues is being raised in specific regions, and reported back to the United Nations. It is also concerning to hear that women and girls are even more severely affected by these issues during the pandemic over the last six months as this has made them more vulnerable, and less able to seek help and access support.

We asked what could we do to support, and there are 3 ways we can all help this appeal:

  1. Start conversations about these issues. Within our club, and with anyone we know. Women and men. Help people understand that they are real problems, and affect us here in the UK as well is further away.
  2. Raise funds to support the appeal, so that Soroptimists International can support direct intervention and be a global voice for women on the international stage on our journey towards achieving gender equality.
  3. Keep supporting all women through the covid19 pandemic – as we come out of lockdown, many women are still isolated and in need of support, and we can continue to support the women at the front line of care and support of their families and professionally.

What can you do? When will you start?

Find out more about the appeal here 

Find out what we are doing to address these topics here

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