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Working with YMCA to support vulnerable single mums

For many years we have supported the YMCA in Crewe and their work with vulnerable families. Our contact Tracey Bentley has been in despair this year because she was not able to get out into the community and work with the families to give them the support they so desperately needed. One activity they were able to do was during half term they delivered a “pack” to 42 of their most vulnerable families. Mainly single mums with children. The packs included activities for the children, a bit of pamper for the mums and a £10 voucher for Asda. Tracey said that the mums are very proud and even though they might be in need, they would be very offended if actual food had been put in the pack. A voucher was ok.

The YMCA wanted to do the same for the mums at Christmas but didn’t think they’d be able to afford any vouchers. So Nantwich Soroptimist club combined to give a donation of £840 to the YMCA which enabled them to give each mum a voucher worth £20. Tracey Bentley said that it would make a huge difference to them all. Our Treasurer Helen Piddock-Jones handed Tracey the cheque in a socially distanced manner.