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How to Wear a Kimono and Street Pastors

We have had some great speakers so far this year:  Dave from Preston and South Ribble Street Pastors

spoke about how he and his fellow pastors roam the streets of Preston every Saturday night from 10.30 till 3.00am when normal people are fast asleep.  The pastors help and support night club and pub go-ers who are, as he so sweetly put it, ‘in a bit of a muddle’.  This could be finding a taxi for them or their friends or give out flip flops to girls who have taken off their shoes (and who hasn’t ever done this? – even some Soroptimists in their dim and distant youth) and are in danger of cutting feet or worse.  They support the homeless and the street workers.  A couple of our members made up some ‘girly packs’ with shampoo, soap, sanitary protection etc and these have been given out to girls on the street.

We held our Friendship Evening recently when we invited members from other clubs in the region, had a speaker and some supper.  Our speaker was Yumiko from Japan.  Well, she’s been in the UK for 27 years and left Japan when she was 27 years old.  She married an Englishman and has children.  She brought some kimonos with her and, with her help, two of our guests donned these fabulous outfits.  You wouldn’t believe how much work there goes into a kimono – from the actual material used to putting it on.  And the layers!  And there are socks for the shoes.  Not just any old sock.  These are specially made.  These outfits are gorgeous and we really had a lovely evening as we sat there in our comfortable and easily washable clothes.  Yumiko was a delight.  We all had a really enjoyable evening – not least because it included home made cake.