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Our ‘Misses’ finish another academic year

Our school club at Penwortham Girls’ High School held an ”End of Year’ Ceremony to celebrate the work they have done over the past year and to decide on next year’s President and two Vice Presidents.

Some of our members accepted the invitation from the girls to come and help them celebrate and commemorate their achievements.  The girls took turns to speak to the group speaking of how much they are enjoying being part of the group and telling us of their plans for next year. They have sponsored two girls in Swaziland through a year of education with the charity PIES.  This is no mean feat as each sponsorship is £320 but, without their help, the girls in Swazi would not be able to go to school.  Our ‘Misses’ are passionate about continuing this accomplishment.

Five girls were welcomed as new members and received  their badges and certificates after which, Sammayah was chosen to be next year’s President.  Sammayah has been a member of the Soroptimisses since the school club was started and we know she will work very hard to make her mark on the club.

One member, Aaliyah read a poem that she had written:  Needless to say, we were all proud and impressed with our girls and are looking forward to seeing them again in September.

Soroptimists distribute wealth

Over the many years, they have helped a number of people

Remember Soroptimists are challenging deep routed stereo types     

Member Karen Rainford welcoming new members to the Soroptimiss Club

Of all women across the globe

Providing an innovative programme of education and mentorship

They are a volunteer service organisation for women who work for peace

Inspiring actions to transform the lives of women and girls

Mainly, they improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world

Inevitably, their goal is to work towards ending poverty, eradicating hunger, providing education for all and preserving the environment

Strong and peaceful communities are built for the future, ensuring women and girls have an equal voice   

Their aim is to improve lives.                                                               

Aaliyah Badat