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NASI meeting at Panchgani

SI Pune hosted the NASI INDIA EC and General ASsemby meetings at Asia Plateau Panchgani. This included the installation of the new NASI team for 2018-20. The venue which is about 100 kms. from Pune was chosen because of its scenic beauty.Nestling in the western hills of India and overlooking the Krishna Valley lies Asia Plateau, a Centre for introspection and dialogue.The meeting was attended by about 50 delegates from Bangalore, Calcutta, Bombay Chembur, Bombay West, North Bombay, Chennai, Chennai Downtown, SI Poona Metro East and of course members of the host club, SI Poona.

The Gathering


Day-1 EC Meeting

The welcome address

The fourth and last Meeting of the Executive Committee of NASI for the tenure 2016-18 started at 3.00 P.M., on the 24th of November, 2018 After the ceremonial lighting of the lamp and the prayer and pledge,the meeting was called to order and  President SI Pune, Kulsum Abid welcomed the delegates. Dr. Naina Athalye, PAC of the host club, Soroptimist International of Poona, made a power-point presentation regarding the activities of the Club. Reports were presented by the various committee members of NASI  the fourth and final volume of the NASI Newsletter of the tenure 2016-18, was released by the president Lata Krishnan. Anu Wakhlu, the incoming NASI [resident and member of SI Poona proposed a vote of thanks..


Meeting in progress


Day-2  The General Meeting and Installation Ceremony

The General Meeting and Installation Ceremony of the National Association of Soroptimist International (NASI) of India, started at 9.30 A.M., on the 25th of November, 2018

New president- Anu
Imm. Past President Lata

After the Resolutions regarding naming the Auditors and signatories of the NASI Bank Account were passed, the outgoing NASI President Lata Krishnan gave a brief account of her term 2016-18, which included the opportunity to charter a new SI club in India, SI Hyderabad on 17th November, 2018. Thereafter the incoming NASI President Anu Wakhlu,was introduced by Punam Gupta,Treasurer and past president of SI Poona.The Outgoing NASI President, Lata Krishnan then  installed the new NASI President, Anu Wakhlu and the outgoing Immediate Past President of NASI (2016-18), Shreelatha Narayanan, installed the new Immediate Past President (2018-20), Lata Krishnan.


NASI Committee 2018-20

After this, the other Officers of the NASI BOARD (2018-2020) were installed by the new NASI President, Anu Wakhlu. The Installation Ceremony was followed by the cutting of a beautiful cake, to celebrate the lunar Birthday of the new President of the NASI of India, Anu Wakhlu. Everyone present in the meeting was invited by the NASI President, to join in the cutting of the cake, to celebrate the occasion.

Cutting the cake


The Installation Ceremony was declared closed after this, followed by lunch after which the delegates left with happy memories and thanked SI Poona for hosting this event in such beautiful surroundings.

The hosts- SI Poona