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Sustaining Mental Well Being

Started: May 2021

Mental health is one of the most critical areas that defines our sense of overall well-being. Unlike other physical illnesses, this is often more “invisible” and is often a taboo to acknowledge and discuss..In India, there are 3,16,95,958 cases reported. Many more are unreported . Women suffer more from this then men. There is a need to build awareness around this and provide a supportive eco-system to handle this.


  • SI Poona organized a series of Awareness Building Workshops on Mental Well-being both from a generic perspective plus from COVID impact.This was done in collaboration with NCN. The webinars were addressed to Colleges and NGO forums.
  • The framework used was the 3 Fold RE and A Model: Rehabilitate, Restore and Rejuvenate
  • The focus of the webinars was on self care through using breath,resilience and adapting to the change in the environment.


  • NGO’s,Teacherslearnt about how to handle cases of mental illness and build skills to manage this among their students and communities.
  • Proactive approaches like breathing,visualization were practiced as a preventive way to enable mental wellness.
  • Awareness about mental health got spread to large student and community groups.

Numbers Covered: 500+

This Project Addresses UN SDG GOAL