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Welcome to SI Scarborough, a Soroptimist International club in North Yorkshire, UK. This is one of three Soroptimist clubs called SI Scarborough. There is one in Trinidad and Tobago, one in Canada and the original Scarborough in the UK. The town was named in Viking times.

Soroptimist Interntional (SI) Scarborough was formed a little later in 1939 and has been active in the town for 79 years.

Members of SI Yorkshire embrace the values of Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) and look to support projects that Empower, Educate and Enable women and children at home and all over the world, using Action, Advocacy and Awareness.

At present, our projects (Programme Action) include our ongoing support for EVA Womens Aid ( and helping children with cerebral palsy have a better life in Ghana ( In the year 2019/20 we are planning to encourage local communities to join us in Toilet Twinning, twinning their toilets with toilets in the developing world. ( The club also supports the SI Yorkshire Region’s work with Askham Grange Prison and the SI Yorkshire’s President’s Theme of ‘Power of a Second Chance’, compiling a fund raising booklet on inspiring personal second chance stories. The club will also be involved in the new SIGBI Federation three year Programme Action, Empowering Girls in Nepal.

We hold a club meeting in Scarborough every second Monday of the month. From 7.00pm – 9.30pm. At present we meet at Montrosa, Esplanade Road. The organisation and our clubs are known for fun and friendship, while undertaking our Programme Action.  There are get-togethers at other times too.

In October 2019 at the SIGBI Bournemouth Conference, a former club President, Rita Leaman, will become SI Yorkshire President 2019/2020.

If you are interested in finding out further details, please get in touch with our Secretary, Angela Edwards ( or use the Contact Us form on this website..

SI Scarborough Soroptimists inspire action, help transform lives and make a difference. Come and join us. All women are welcome!


SI Scarborough Joint Presidents for 2019/2021. Helen Hyams and Janine Maw