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Membership in Scotland South


Resources for Members:

Publicity Flyers/Leaflets

The following Publicity Flyers/Leaflets, describing some of our concerns, are for Club use.

Fiona Jones from Dunblane has kindly prepared them for us.   Members can use them at events.

We advocate for human rights and gender equality. To view flyer by click on SoroptimistMembership DL

Join us to give a global voice to women and girls!  To view flyer click on: soroptimistsJOINUS1  

No country has achieved gender equality! To view flyer click on soroptimistsJOINUS2

The following flyers are concerned with violence and abuse:

Women and girls continue to experience multiple forms of violence at home and in public. To view flyer click on soroptimistsJOINUS3

Domestic Abuse does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone, at any age.  To view flyer click on soroptimistsJOINUS4

If printing, the advice is to print on A5 card.


Members’ and Clubs’ Achievements:

24 10 2020 Certificate of Thanks and Recognition for SI Paisley!

To see Certificate click hereTo find out more about SI Paisley click here. 


Soroptimist Centenary 2021, showcased 100-4-100 list of outstanding members:

SI SS members, past and present, included in monthly showcased #WhoIsShe groups are listed as follows:

Audrey, SI Falkirk member, September 2020 group.

Janet, SI Kirkcaldy past member, October 2020 group.

Helen, SI Glasgow City past member, November 2020 group.

Florence, SI Kirkcaldy past member, December 2020 group.


Alice, SI Kirkintilloch, member, January 2021 group.

Ann G, SI Glasgow City member, February Group.

Agnes, past member SI Glasgow Central now included in SI Glasgow City, March 2021 group.

To find out more click here.  After reaching the page, there is a second link to click on to see the showcases.

4 10 2020 Soroptimist Centenary 2021; 100-4-100
4 10 2020 Soroptimist Centenary 2021; 100-4-100

Success in the SIGBI Best Practice Awards 2020!

2 10 2020 SI Kirkintilloch won SIGBI Best Practice Peace Award 2020 for their project ‘Jasmine and Thistle’.

To find out more click here.

The Big Story Competition 2020

Winners announced 25 08 2020.

Fundraising for SIGBI Federation Project 2019-2022 ‘Empowering Girls in Nepal’. 

SI Dunfermline member Helen came third in the Big Story Competition!  To find out more click here .

Proposed New Club:

We have been working in Dumfries and Galloway to establish a new style Club suitable for the area.  To find out more click here.

Number 63

Number 63 Bayswater Road, London W2 3PH is a Bed and Breakfast Hotel in the heart of London, owned by Soroptimists since 1948.

To be kept in mind when next planning a visit to London.  Friends, relatives should know about it too.

To find out more click here